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At 5 years-old, if you asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would’ve told you that I wanted to be the first girl to play in Major League Baseball. At 10 years-old my answer changed, and I wanted to be an Olympic softball player and win gold for Team USA. At 16, I wanted to be an anchor on SportCenter. I’d changed my mind every day for the next few years, going between working in sports and pursuing a job in film. Little did I know there was a career that would combine my two passions. 


At the University of Minnesota, I created my own degree through the College of Liberal Arts Bachelor of Individualized Study program. Through the program, I carved my own major path, taking classes in three different areas of concentration of my choosing, I chose film production, creative writing and strategic communication. Going through this program compelled me to work hard and be ambitious with my career goals, while also allowing me to have the most personalized education I could get. 


Throughout college, I served as the social manager for the University Ninja Warrior Student Club, while also working as the Technical Director for the College of Liberal Arts - Art Department. Nearing graduation, I was looking for my step into the “real” world, and obtained a digital content internship with the Minnesota Whitecaps of the NWHL. That’s when I knew, this was the thing I’ve been after, a way that I could tell stories, while still watching sports, and helping others fall in love with the game in more ways than one.


I've been telling stories in sports ever since. 

So if you ask me now, at 23 years-old, what I want to be when I grow up, I’d say I want to do what I love. I want to tell compelling stories, be creative, and never lose that spark that I felt the very first time I picked up a softball bat, or when I stepped into Target Center for that playoff game, or when I stood rink-side as my team played in the NWHL Championship on National TV.

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